Esteemed colleagues/ inspired students – the list of those, who have repeatedly taken part in organizing, supervising (highlited) and/ or attending one of Raksan’s open dance classes, coachings, workshops and projects, is long.
Here a small selection:

Jazira Malu | Samar | Selena | Djamila | Sahela | Hanadi | Zahrat el Shark | Ayascha | Artemis | Katharina Joumana | Maya | Gamila | Elham Eghbali | Fire | Ela Shari | Brigantia Astaria | Rabentöchter | Zarina | Nabila | Wendy Buanaventura | Yesirah | Boshra Aleka | Raheesha | Enussah | Mihrimah Ghaziya | Farahnaz | Seetha | Jessica Sanches Palencia | Yasni | Ayun | Assia | Anatha | Meissoun | Marietta Pape-Zerbe | Karine Butchart | Alea Badiana | Tamara Gray | Madlen | Sharon Brauner | Nabeelah | Tara la Loba | Silva Wittfeld | Aiyana | Susannya | Shirin | Shayana | Nashita | Coco | Iskanda | Amina | Djimona | Yamuna | Anette Berger | Tharmina | Nirdhu | Carmen Puschmann | Viola Harnold | Natalie Pilcher | Amira Mona | Cannelle | Neas Tribal | Maria Strova | Banat ash Shams | Brigitte Baldinger | Marion Rieger | Rita Fontes | Rihanna | Amouna | Elfi Brüser | Dud | Lucia Zahara | A`Zahra | Elenna | Lilo Fried | Marlis Stiene | Mayyadah | Storm | Jamila | Mascha Düben | Cornelia Balzarini | Yaminah | Narajana | Soraya | Jshtar | Daliah | Barbara | Inaya | A Nada | Sibel Nefa | Christina Wintz | Sabine Friebe | Zadiel | Imadi | Beshkan | Eliza | Selimah | Dunyasade | Sylvianne Capell | Nar el Medina | Verena Aziz | Nadea | Latifa Amar | Azahra | Stephanie Naima | Nana Kempkes | Samena | Sahar | Petra Kaiser | Bayda | Eljana | Nura Shirin | Eischana | Olympia Goulia | Eveline Flatscher | Zephirella | Zeraphina | Helena de Vallier | Shoreh | Kadira | Naheda | Nagima | Latifa Nefer | Ramona | Leyla | Sebina | Yasmin el Ghazali | Bella Kalima | Christiane Miller | Hashra | Yilan | Tizia | Eirini | Tahira | Jasmin | Tanya Ahmed | Marina "Roya" Manz | Sahar | Lyn Bentschik | Elisabeth Ramon | Raheesha | Anya Azadeh | Shir o Shakar | Silvia Sophia Assman, Schemzedah | Delanna | Panterra | Hiba | Asmahan el Zein | Najeeba | Yasmina Said

„Those who teach must educate themselves constantly…“

From 1985 until 1988 Raksan received her basic training in oriental dance at the STUDIO OASIS/ Berlin, at the time under the direction of legendary American dancer Feyrouz!. Further teachers and inspiring companions have been USA based dancers Kathleen Michaels, Jalilah (Loraine Zamorra) and Afritah.

Workshops and seminars followed, held, amongst others, by Mohamed Kadous (Egypt), Wendy Buonaventura (GB), Amaya (USA), Laurel V. Gray (USA) and Mahmud Reda (Egypt) – just to name a few.

On her quest for a more dynamic and precise motion language, Raksan has been strongly influenced by close collaborations with international artists and the stylistic tendency of French Cirque Nouveau. Jazz, Modern Dance and later Classical Ballet have helped shape and characterize her individual motion language.

Important teachers to be named:

Warnar van Eeden „Pro Stage“ - Berlin

Modern Dance nach Humphrey, Limon, Graham:
Rikki van Falken/ Berlin, Jenny Cogan/ New York, Sybille Günther/ Berlin, Jean Hughes Assohoto/ Berlin, Sven Seeger/ Berlin, Miriam Wolff/ Berlin, Maya Lippsker/ Berlin

Sabine Sandloff/ Berlin

The range is complemented by further education in African dance (Elsa Wolliaston, Norma Claire/ Paris und Ismael Ivo/ Berlin), intense acting and drama classes led by the late theatre clown Frieder Nögge and Christine Kostropetsch, improvisational theatre conducted by the GORILLA Theater/ Berlin following Keith Johnstone und Randy Dixon/ USA, attending „Performance Classes“ of American artist Rachel Rosendahl and participating in intense workshops in CI (Contact Improvisation) and performance/ composition led by Rick Noddin / London.

Since 2004 Raksan has also been working on a dynamic form of Yoga instructed by Beate Cuson ( „Moveo“/ Berlin) and Detlev Alexander.

You can find information on stage shows and showcases under Stage/Showcases

During the course of her work as a dance instructor Raksan has developed and compiled an abundance of innovative teaching concepts. Following the yearly seminars held in Wiesbaden since 2004, Helena Lehman coined the term TAI-Tanz Ausdruck Improvisation (engl.: Dance Expression Improvisation), which seems to best describe the main emphasis and content:

  • The Learning and deepening of technical basics of contemporary oriental dance and using this knowledge to specify and develop an individual’s repertoire towards a unique motion language
  • Training expressiveness and perceptiveness by means of acting and dance theater techniques
  • Using improvisation as a creative source as well as help refine and broaden creative and dramatic quality

Furthermore, Raksan teaches

  • The inclusion of props in dance
  • The dances of the Roma and Sinti (characterized by powerful emotionality)

Beyond oriental dance known as a mass sport, Raksan wants to raise awareness for the actual message of this age-old art form and – with deep respect for the oriental culture and tradition – release it of its present context. The emphasis does not lie in quick learning and perfunctory copying of foreign motion sequences, but in the indulgence of consequent, concentrated and attentive enjoyment of practicing. An inspirational experience, both for enthusiastic beginners as well as aspiring professional dancers!

Dates of workshops and projects under News.

For over 15 years Raksan lived off of her work as a professional oriental dancer before she decided to start teaching dance in the year 2000. Drawing from her enormous wealth of experience gathered over the years, she quickly became an internationally sought after instructor and choreographer and now holds workshops, seminars and project-based classes referring to different aspects of contemporary oriental dance.

Her energetic drive and technical as well as educational teaching style, conveyed by her omnipresent love for dance, is both stirring and motivating… her charisma and extraordinary empathy in dealing with people from all walks of life, combined with the exceptional stagecraft which has established her success as a performing artist, transforms all trainings conducted by Raksan into a celebration devoted to dance.

The attunement of mind, body and soul holds a high significance and is intensified through specific warm-ups and dance trainings. These are conducted individually, according to the respective themes and assignments of the classes. Physical awareness, body tension, flexibility, inner and outer balance as well as spatial perception are nurtured through yoga and classical ballet exercises, joined by modern-dance based motion sequences… combined with basic elements of oriental dance, a stunning and inspiring new dance experience is created.

With careful attention to the underlying theme and technique of the dances, the connection between mind, body and soul is deepened. Regardless if it is a short or long combination, stage rehearsal or improvisation – the ability to experience emotion, to transform and express, is what makes oriental dance an authentic, personal and soulful form of expression.